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Vairano circuit - Puresport's exclusivity


Right on this circuit in 2019 there will be important news for Puresport's clients.
News that will make your experience even more memorable and adrenalinic.

1) The racetrack will also be used in the part of the long rettilineo, going from 2,600 to 3,500 meters, that's 900 extra meters so that our clients can race to top speed.

2) Your stay will no longer take place in the paddock, but in the conference centre of the circuit, where we will dispose of a briefing room with a capacity of 220 people, a restaurant, a big and equipped registration desk, 12 box for our use and a large parking lot.

3) From next year we will introduce also on this racetrack the Open bar service, that will be included in the price of the chosen experience.

The event will be a closed-door one, people not registered and with the badge won't be allowed in. This will make your event even more exclusive. So, 900 more meters, conference centre all for Puresport's use, available Open bar... You are the only one, who can enjoy this important change!

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  • Vairano circuit - Puresport's exclusivity 2
  • Vairano circuit - Puresport's exclusivity 3
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